Launching in May - New Crowdfunding Campaigns Soon!

Written By Frances Cain - April 13 2019


Debbie Sebring
May 15 2019

I would like Max. How do I get involved with the crowd funding?

Valerie Wilson
May 15 2019

Hello Frances,
I now have 9 of your dolls (two sets of duplicates) and I guess you can tell I am a huge fan! Please let me know when Max is ready to order. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful dolls.

Maria Helleberg
May 15 2019

Will certainly want to add MAX to my AGFAT-family. People are already working on a renaissance outfit for him…

Frances Sturgess
April 17 2019

He is cute. Is he the same mold as Bex?

How is crowdfunding different than the pre order process done by other doll companies?

Peggy Turchette
April 17 2019

I love the way you run your values-driven small business, and your dolls and their accessories are so endearing. I can’t wait for an opportunity to order my Max, to add to my little ‘family’ of Clementine and Bex. Your products are lovely and your business practices make me determined to continue to support you!

Patricia Jackson
April 17 2019

WOW, I was excited, ordered and waited for Beth for a whole year. She came and I am excited, will order and will wait for Max. He looks handsome standing next to Beth..

Kathy Pellenz
April 17 2019

I will be very interested to participate in the crowdfundong for Max!

Karen Ann Hitchcock
April 17 2019

Can hardly wait! Love these dolls!

Nora Smith
April 17 2019

Greatest way ever to get products produced for a relatively small or select market that would never otherwise become available. Thank you for going to all this trouble!

Sharon Helms
April 17 2019

Great plan!!

MarieBernadett Gean
April 17 2019

I am looking forward to this, think it’s in my budget this time around!

N Colleen Sexton
April 17 2019

Count me in! Love your products and concept.

Muna Beeai
April 17 2019

This is soooo exciting, is there a way to place the order before May? I’ve been waiting for Lydia and nisha both to be available again.
These are truly quality made dolls, for adults too.. the costumes are so meticulous and detailed that it far exceeds expectations . I wish these were available when I was a kid.😊

April 17 2019

So excited for Max! He is such a handsome guy. My little brother’s name is Max and we are looking forward to May 2019!

Shannon Wickham
April 17 2019

Cant wait to join the campaign! Max is adorable and I am excited that there might be more for Matilda!

Pam Klicman
April 17 2019

I want to know when it’s time to order. Please

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