Clementine's Winter - April release !

Written By David Cain - March 11 2015


Cindy Ward
June 03 2015

“Clementine’s Winter” is available for order (but “temporarily out of stock”) from! I just ordered my copy.

From having ordered the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, “Pioneer Girl”, under the same circumstances back in November, I feel I need to warn people that it could take you MONTHS to actually receive “Clementine’s Winter”. But at least now we can get in line! … Cindy

Jan Gubrud
May 02 2015

I Want to buy this book for my daughter Cheryl. When will it be available for purchase in US Shop? Love this company!!!

March 31 2015

Will the book be available in April for the US Shop, too?
Can’t wait to check it out! :)

Pauline Nissen
March 24 2015

I have been awaiting this book. Will I be able to get it in USA?If not can I preorder from UK.Thank you

Living A Doll's Life
March 11 2015

I’m so excited for Clementine’s upcoming book release! I’m so eager to read all about her. I love the NEWS addition to the website and will be checking often.


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