Announcing our new range, Your Modern Girl™ dolls !

Written By David Cain - October 15 2015


Living A Doll's Life
February 23 2016

Can not wait to see these beauties and all of the modern fashions! A Girl for All Time produces FABULOUS clothing and dolls of impressive quality. This is truly exciting news!!

November 12 2015

We are looking forward to your Modern Girls. Could they be descended from famous female historical figures like Ada Lovelace, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie…and continue to make a difference?

October 24 2015

I think this is a great opportunity to tie in the historical line with the new contemporary line. You could have a girl of today who’s mom is Caucasian but her dad is black. She could have awesome hair that could be finger styled or brushed with a special brush to have a cool afro. She could have light to mocha skin and green eyes or hazel. Then have her own special story that ties in the history of all the strong brave women ancestors in her family . So many possibilities ! Then the newer line could be all her friends that she meets one at a time and join their friends club.

sue durnall
October 22 2015

Can’t wait to see the new line. Would be good if they came with a sewing pattern to encourage more girls and boys to sew, as this is a dying skill they don’t seem to teach this in schools anymore, shame really.

Marilyn Collins
October 21 2015

This is such great news. Will be looking forward to the new project.

Marion Collins
October 21 2015

Looking forward to the new line of dolls.

Gloria Anne
October 21 2015

Your Modern Girl will want to be seen as full of enthusiasm and joy, with a face and eyes that are bright with the possibilities of life today, yearning to be important, to find joy in being helpful and smart and courageous. Her beauty will be found there. That’s what I think of the Modern Girl you will create from all the modern girls you discover in your search. And it would include other ethnic girls as well.

October 21 2015

Great news about the diversity of your new line!! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings!!

October 20 2015

Can you give us a sneak peek at what the dolls will look like and maybe what will be in their collections? Like you did with Sam. Also are you still going to make historical dolls? I love those dolls. I hope you make more from the king and queen periods; early dolls from before the 1900s. It is really fascinating to my niece how times were when the world held kings, queens, princesses, princes, peasants, etc… It makes her want to learn more about world history. What about when they would send criminals to Australia or America?

Joan Pickering
October 15 2015

I am so excited to read about the Your Modern Girl project! I can’t wait to hear all the plans as the next year unfolds! Woohoo!!!!!!!!

October 15 2015

Good news, will look forward to watching the project unfold, and will get thinking with my girls about what they think they would like to see.

October 15 2015

This is really exciting!

Pam VanOteghem
October 15 2015

WOW! Fabulous! Maybe some of the girls will be of different ethnicity!

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