Building a better brand for 2019 and beyond

Written By Frances Cain - March 29 2019


Erin Hodgson
April 08 2019

I am so excited for this year, already love the new products you’ve made available for Elinor and the modern girls. Bex and Maya are two of my favorites. They are so beautiful, for adults and children!

Kathleen McMillin
April 08 2019

So looking forward to seeing what you have coming up including Max and the restocking of Lydia.
Love your dolls they are beautiful and such good quality.

Shannon Wickham
April 03 2019

I love your dolls and clothes and can’t wait for new things to come, especially Max!

Robin Wasner
April 03 2019

I love your dolls and their unique faces. They are more lifelike than most other dolls. I love the expressions on each of their faces.

Marilynn Sovero
April 03 2019

In anticipation of this coming year am hoarding my funds so I can have the money to get perhaps a restocked doll or two that I had procrastinated a ta too long and lost out on. Then there are the new products you are manufacturing that will tempt me to spoil myself.

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